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This is the official documentation for all the application modules the make up the OneBusAway web application and API framework.

Current Version: 2.5.12-cs (Released May 3, 2024)

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The OneBusAway application suite’s primary function is to share real-time public transit information with riders across a variety of interfaces:

  • OneBusAway Web - A variety of web interfaces to transit data
    • A standard web interface to transit data, including maps and stop pages with real-time info
    • A mobile-optimized version of the web interface for mobile browsers
    • A text-only version of the web interface for more-basic mobile browsers
  • OneBusAway REST API - A RESTful web-service that can be used to quickly write applications built on top of transit data. This API powers:
  • OneBusAway Phone - A Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone application for accessing real-time transit information
  • OneBusAway SMS - An SMS service for accessing real-time transit information
  • OneBusAway Sign Mode - A interface mode optimized for large public displays

These interfaces are powered by a transit-data back-end module that combines raw transit data (GTFS, GTFS-realtime, etc) into an optimized data-bundle appropriate for application development.


Want to quickly get started with OneBusAway? Check out the Quickstart Guide.


There are a number of guides to help get you started with installing, configuring, and running OneBusAway:

If those guides don’t help, there are other resources for getting help.