Sign Mode

OneBusAway provides a mode optimized for showing real-time arrival information on large public screens, allowing quick and cheap information displays.

Photo by Atomic Taco.

To use sign-mode, use the standard web interface to browse to your favorite stop. The URL for the page should have form like:

To enable sign mode, simply replace the standard part of the URL with sign:

There are a number of parameters you can add to the URL to tweak the behavior of the sign:

  • title=... - By default, the sign uses the current stop name as a title. This option allows you to override the title.
  • showTitle=false - Alternatively, you can hide the title completely.
  • route=X_Y - Specify a route id to indicate that only this route should be show. Can be repeated.
  • minutesBefore=N - Excludes vehicles that departed more than N minutes ago.
  • minutesAfter=N - Exclude vehicles arriving more than N minutes from now.
  • refresh=N - Automatically refresh the page every N seconds.