GTFS Realtime Resources

Last updated: January 2021


The OneBusAway application suite has support for both GTFS-realtime import and export. The application suite can be used to provide a high-level API from low level GTFS and GTFS-realtime data feeds, for example.

Tools and Libraries

We provide a number of libraries and tools for working with GTFS-realtime data:

Also see a number of third-party tools here.


  • A brief intro to GTFS-realtime and show how to produce a GTFS-realtime alerts feed:
  • How to produce GTFS-realtime trip update and vehicle position feeds:
  • How to consume a GTFS-realtime feed, with a simple visualization of vehicle positions:–Vehicle-Positions
  • GTFS-realtime’s place in the API ecosystem and using GTFS-realtime to power OneBusAway:
  • A number of other GTFS-realtime resources, including various adapters and plugins that work with the spec:

Example Code

We also provide a number of demonstration projects with example code designed to get your up and running with GTFS-realtime.