Webapp Configuration Guide

This guide will instruct you on how to configure an instance of onebusaway-webapp. These are specific configuration instructions, part of your larger OneBusAway installation. The onebusaway-webapp powers the various OneBusAway web interfaces:

  • standard web interface
  • mobile-web interface
  • text-only web interface
  • sign-mode interface

Wiki Integration

To make it easier to customize the content and look-and-feel of your onebusaway-webapp installation, we provide a content configuration option that we call wiki integration. The idea is that you can point your onebusaway-webapp installation at a wiki or some other content management system, allowing you to control the various content pages that are included in the webapp.

As a quick example, if you have an XWiki installation available at the url http://wiki.mydomain.org, you can configure your onebusaway-webapp to use the wiki by adding the following elements to your data-sources.xml config file:

<bean id="wikiDocumentService" class="org.onebusaway.wiki.xwiki.impl.XWikiDocumentServiceImpl">
    <property name="xwikiUrl" value="http://wiki.mydomain.org" />

<bean id="wikiRenderingService" class="org.onebusaway.wiki.xwiki.impl.XWikiRenderingServiceImpl">
    <property name="wikiDocumentViewUrl" value="/p/%{documentName}.action" />
    <property name="wikiAttachmentUrl" value="http://wiki.mydomain.org/bin/download/Main/%{documentName}/%{attachmentName}" />
    <property name="wikiDocumentEditUrl" value="http://wiki.mydomain.org/bin/edit/Main/%{documentName}" />

The two components are a wiki document service and a wiki rendering service that control the source of pages and how they are rendered.

There is a fair amount of flexibility in how you configure wiki integration. For more information see the complete wiki integration guide.