trips-for-route Method

Search for active trips for a specific route.

Example Request

Example Response

Request Parameters

  • id - the id of the route, encoded directly in the URL:
    •[ID GOES HERE].xml
  • includeStatus - Can be true/false to determine whether full <tripStatus/> elements with full real-time information are included in the <status/> section for each <tripDetails/> element. Defaults to false.
  • includeSchedule - Can be true/false to determine whether full <schedule/> elements are included in the <tripDetails/> element. Defaults to false.
  • time - by default, the method returns the status of the system right now. However, the system can also be queried at a specific time. This can be useful for testing. See timestamps for details on the format of the time parameter.


The response is a list of <tripDetails/> element that captures extended details about each active trip. The set of active trips includes any trip that serves that specified route that is currently active. The status element will indicate whether the trip is scheduled or canceled.