stops-for-location Method

Search for stops near a specific location, optionally by stop code.

Example Request

Example Response

Request Parameters

  • lat - The latitude coordinate of the search center
  • lon - The longitude coordinate of the search center
  • radius - The search radius in meters (optional)
  • latSpan/lonSpan - An alternative to radius to set the search bounding box (optional)
  • query - A specific stop code to search for (optional)

If you just specify a lat,lon search location, the stops-for-location method will just return nearby stops. If you specify an optional query parameter, we’ll search for nearby stops with the specified code. This is the primary method from going from a user-facing stop code like “75403” to the actual underlying stop id unique to a stop for a particular transit agency.


The stops-for-location method returns a list result, so see additional documentation on controlling the number of elements returned and interpreting the results. The list contents are <stop/> elements, so see details about the various properties of the <stop/> element.