schedule-for-route Method

Retrieve the full schedule for a route on a particular day

Example Request

Example Response

Request Parameters

  • id - the route id to request the schedule for, encoded directly in the URL:
  • date - The date for which you want to request a schedule of the format YYYY-MM-DD (optional, defaults to current date)


The intent of this response is to mimic a traditional schedule-table format for viewing a route. As such the entry includes traditional header information, as well as a section of concentrated schedule information (in the form of stopTripGroupings).

The header information is:

  • <routeId/> - the route being looked into - this information is presented in the format [agency]_[routeIdentifier]
  • <scheduleDate/> - the date being looked at - the date of service in milliseconds since the Unix epoch
  • <serviceIds> - the Service Ids which contain that route and are live on the specified date - for more information see the GTFS spec

The entry also has concentrated schedule information in the form of stopTripGroupings. Each grouping includes:

  • directionId - the direction the trips are heading - for more information see the GTFS spec
  • tripHeadsign - the trip headsign - a string indicting the destination of the trip
  • stopIds - an ordered list of stop Ids - Each id is of the format [agency]_[stopIdentifier]
  • tripIds - a list of trip Ids that matched by shared direction - Each tripId is of the format [agency]_[tripIdentifier]

Alternate codes:

  • 404 - returned if the route ID in the request is not found
  • 510 - returned if the route has no schedules for the day requested