The onebusaway-gtfs-hibernate-cli command-line utility is a simple command-line tool for loading a GTFS feed into a database.

Getting the Application

You can download the application here:


Using the Application

You'll need a Java 11 runtime installed to run the client. To run the application:

java -classpath onebusaway-gtfs-hiberante-cli.jar:your-database-jdbc.jar \
 org.onebusaway.gtfs.GtfsDatabaseLoaderMain \
 --driverClass=... \
 --url=... \
 --username=... \
 --password=... \

Note that the utility doesn't include any JDBC client jars for any databases by default. You will need to download an appropriate JDBC client for your database and include it on the classpath when running the utilty. You will also need to specify the appropriate JDBC driver class and url for your database using the command-line arguments specified below.


  • --driverClass=... : JDBC driver class for your JDBC provider (eg. "org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver")
  • --url=... : JDBC connection url for your database (eg. "jdbc:hsqldb:mem:temp_db")
  • --username=... : JDBC connection username
  • --password=... : JDBC connection password