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Latest Version: 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Details on all releases can be found in the Release Notes.

The library is broken up into a few key modules:

  • onebusaway-wiki-integration-api - Defines the wiki integration api interfaces
  • onebusaway-wiki-integration-file - A file-based wiki integration plugin
  • onebusaway-wiki-integration-simple - A dummy wiki integration plugin for testing
  • onebusaway-wiki-integration-xwiki - Parent module for the XWiki-based modules
    • onebusaway-wiki-integration-xwiki-impl - An XWiki-based wiki integration plugin
    • onebusaway-wiki-integration-xwiki-struts-macros - XWiki macros for simulating Struts tags with XWiki markup
    • onebusaway-wiki-integration-urlnotification-plugin - XWiki plugin that can make a request to a configurable URL every time a wiki page is edited


You can access the latest Javadoc for the library. Also, see example source code below.

Using in Maven

The library is available as a Maven module. Simply add the module dependency: