A number of our SIRI tools, including the command-line client and the repeater application, accept command-line argument request specifications. These request specs determine how the SIRI applications will connect to remote SIRI data sources.


Each request spec string indicates a private SIRI data source to connect to. The request has the following syntax:


At minimum, you need to specify a Url that indicates the SIRI resource to connect to, and a ModuleType that indicates the SIRI module type to request. Additional keys specific to the module type can be used to further filter the request. For example:


We provide additional argument documentation below:

Common Arguments

You can specify a number of common arguments, some of which we mentioned above:

  • Url - The url address of the SIRI resource to connect to
  • Version - Specify the target version of the SIRI spec to use when communicating with the remote SIRI resource (1.0, 1.3 [default])
  • ModuleType - The SIRI module type for which we'll construct a request. Supported values include:
  • Subscribe - Specify a boolean value ("true" or "false") to indicate if the request is publish-subscribe ("true") or request-response ("false")
  • PollInterval - For a request-response request, indicate if the request should be repeated at the specified poll interval, in seconds. If the value is zero, the request will not be repeated.
  • ManageSubscriptionUrl - Specify a custom url for subscription management requests (ex. TerminateSubscriptionRequest) if different than the primary Url
  • CheckStatusUrl - Specify a custom url for check status requests if different than the primary Url
  • ReconnectionAttempts - The number of times we will attempt to reconnect to a SIRI resource on connection error. A value of 0 will mean no reconnections, while a value of -1 means we will never stop trying to reconnect.
  • ReconnectionInterval - How long we wait between reconnection attempts (in seconds)
  • HeartbeatInterval - For pub-sub, the requested heartbeat interval (in seconds)
  • CheckStatusInterval - For pub-sub, the requested check-status interval (in seconds)

Vehicle Monitoring

You can specify any of the following sub-elements of the VehicleMonitoringRequest request element:

  • VehicleMonitoringRef
  • VehicleRef
  • LineRef
  • DirectionRef
  • MaximumVehicles