We provide a Java library for handling SIRI data, a specification for sharing real-time public transit operations data.

Latest Version: 1.0.2

Details on all releases can be found in the Release Notes.


The library is broken up into a few key modules:

  • onebusaway-siri-api-v10 - A JAXB-enabled collection of Java classes for serializing SIRI 1.0 data
  • onebusaway-siri-api-v13 - A JAXB-enabled collection of Java classes for serializing SIRI 1.3 data
  • onebusaway-siri-api - Legacy initial implementation of SIRI 1.3 spec
  • onebusaway-siri-core - Core SIRI client and server library
  • onebusaway-siri-jetty - Extension to onebusaway-siri-core that uses embedded Jetty instance for server functionality
  • onebusaway-siri-client-cli - Command-line utility for querying SIRI data sources
  • onebusaway-siri-repeater - Library for multiplexing, sharing, and repeating SIRI data sources to clients
  • onebusaway-siri-repeater-cli - Command-line application SIRI repeater application
  • onebusaway-siri-repeater-webapp - Deployable webapp around the onebusaway-siri-repeater library


You can access the latest Javadoc for the library. Also, see example source code below.

Using in Maven

The library is available as a Maven module. Simply add the following dependencies: