We provide a library and web application for producing real-time public transit service alert information as open, structured-data that might be consumed by other systems. Specifically, we are initially targeting the SIRI Situation Exchange standard.

Latest Version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Details on all releases can be found in the Release Notes.


The application provides some of the following functionality:

  • A web application for creating and editing public transit service alerts
  • A back-end library for publishing those alerts in real-time as SIRI Situation Exchange messages
  • Tools to help semi-automatically produce structured alerts from existing unstructured agency alerts (emails, sms, webpage, etc)


The application is broken up into a few key modules:

  • onebusaway-service-alerts-core - Core alert management library
  • onebusaway-service-alerts-webapp - Webapp front-end


You can access the latest Javadoc for the library. Also, see example source code below.

Using in Maven

The library is available as a Maven module. Simply add the following dependencies: