Release Notes


  • CVE-2017-5638; upgrade struts to 2.3.32


  • documentation cleanup
  • quickstart api key fixes
  • Travis configuration
  • issue
  • issue
  • TripUpdate.delay support
  • agency id remapping for GTFS realtime
  • prevent assignment of backwards travel on distance-along-shape
  • 1.1.13

    • issue with deployment of 1.1.12 release. Functionally equivalent.


    • New Features/Bug Fixes:
    • Java 7 support
    • Issue 37
    • Issue 34
    • Issue 59
    • Issue 89


    • New Features:
    • Merged OneBusAway Enterprise TransitDataService changes; see Issue 72 below.
    • Bug Fixes:
    • Issue 74
    • Issue 73
    • Issue 72
    • Issue 71
    • Issue 68
    • Issue 67
    • Issue 65
    • Issue 64



    • New Features:
      • none
    • Bug Fixes:
      • More verbose exception message for a particular build failure
      • Changes to cacheManager naming policy to support newer EHCache version


    • New Features:
      • none
    • Bug Fixes:


    • New Features:
      • none
    • Bug Fixes:


    • New Features:
      • none
    • Bug Fixes:



    • New Features:
      • Improve the usability of the trip problem report admin interface to assist in diagnosing tracking problems - issue
      • Improved deployment and configuration documentation - issue
    • Bug Fixes:
      • More flexible support for stop-to-shape matching - issue
      • Add federated method dispatch for agency id / entity id argument mix - issue
      • Fix to detect and remove duplicate stop times, so OBA logic to interpolate them can be invoked - commit
      • Fix issue where stops are not properly grouped when all trips have the same direction_id value - commit
      • Fix typo in setter for refreshInterval in GtfsRealtimeSource - commit
    • Full Documentation:


    • New Features:
      • Add @ConfigurationParameter annotation for marking important OneBusAway bean configuration parameters. Also add support for automatically generating documentation for these parameters.
      • Make the Google Maps API key a configurable parameter: defaultWebappConfigurationSource.googleMapsApiKey
      • Allow such bean properties to be overriden from the command-line for the webapp quickstart with the same -PbeanName.propertyName=value syntax used in the bundle builder command-line app.
      • Add more content to the trip problem report page to make it easier to diagnose problems.
      • Add a number of method for managing stale user accounts. commit
    • Bug Fixes:
      • A number of fixes for Trip and Stop Problem reporting to handle the situation when a report refers to a stop or trip that is no longer loaded in the transit bundle.
      • Upgrade to struts, which hides those annoying GWT class exceptions on webapp startup.
      • ConfigurationService config cache was not properly reset on application startup.
      • In the VehicleLocationRecords API Action, the vehicleId, fromTime, and toTime parameters were not being properly set for the action. commit
      • Make sure vehicleId is properly set when creating a TripProblemReportBean from a DB record. commit
    • Full Documentation:


    • Better computation of agency coverage area, using the actual routes > trips > stops to compute coverage.
    • Better display of agencies on agency map, expanding map to show agency bounds in addition to agency center point.
    • Bug fixes for quick-start webapp, mostly to deal with quirks of embedded Jetty webapp container.
    • Add 404 page-not-found behavior to the root onebusaway-webapp index action, since it’s called by default if another action can’t be found for a URL.
    • Refactor ConfigurationService to accept the webapp context-path as a parameter. Attempting to detect the context-path automatically was proving to be a bit messy under different containers.
    • Change how dynamic namespace matching works for the wiki (/p/*) action. The new name-based matching method doesn’t require direct access to the underlying Struts ActionProxy and also gets rid of a ton of annoying log messages when running under Jetty.
    • Add a configuration parameter to disable location interpolation in the BlockLocationServiceImpl.
    • Remove a number of unused dependencies to get the size of release binaries down a bit.
    • Full Documentation:




    • Make onebusaway-quickstart part of the main onebusaway-application-modules module set.
    • Add a ui-only webapp artifact to onebusaway-combined-webapp.
    • Tweak support for GTFS-realtime, including support for new OBA-specific delay field.
    • Initial support for fixed-schedule trips with a headway-in-name-only frequency label, as indicated by frequencies.txt label_only feature proposal.
    • Fix to make crossdomain action work whether its being called by the Struts Convention plugin OR the Rest2 plugin.
    • Migrate to GitHub.
    • Full Documentation:


    • More flexible trip matching in GTFS-realtime support
    • Support for running transit data bundle building as a startup phase of webapps
    • Expand onebusaway-combined-webapp to include SMS and phone support
    • Expand onebusaway-combined-webapp to generate an additional API-only webapp artifact
    • Move SMS actions into /sms namespace for onebusaway-sms-webapp
    • Make SMS abbreviations optional in onebusaway-sms-webapp
    • Additional documentation
    • Full Documentation:



    • Initial release