Class StopSequenceCollection

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    public class StopSequenceCollection
    extends IdentityBean<StopSequenceCollectionKey>
    A stop sequence collection contains a list of StopSequence sequences that are headed in the same direction for a particular RouteCollectionEntry, along with a general description of the destinations for those stop sequences and general start and stop locations for the sequences. Typically a stop sequence collection will be generated for each direction of travel for a particular route.
    See Also:
    StopSequence, StopSequenceCollectionService, Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • StopSequenceCollection

        public StopSequenceCollection()
    • Method Detail

      • getPublicId

        public String getPublicId()
      • setPublicId

        public void setPublicId​(String publicId)
      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
        Typically, the most frequently mentioned trip headsign for all the trips that correspond to the stop sequences in the block is used as the general destination description.
        a description of the general destination for the stop sequences in the block
      • setDescription

        public void setDescription​(String description)
      • getStopSequences

        public List<StopSequence> getStopSequences()
        the list of all stop sequences in the block
      • setStopSequences

        public void setStopSequences​(List<StopSequence> stopSequences)
      • getStartLocation

        public org.locationtech.jts.geom.Point getStartLocation()
      • getStartLat

        public double getStartLat()
      • setStartLat

        public void setStartLat​(double startLat)
      • getStartLon

        public double getStartLon()
      • setStartLon

        public void setStartLon​(double startLon)
      • setStartLocation

        public void setStartLocation​(org.locationtech.jts.geom.Point startLocation)
      • getEndLat

        public double getEndLat()
      • setEndLat

        public void setEndLat​(double endLat)
      • getEndLon

        public double getEndLon()
      • setEndLon

        public void setEndLon​(double endLon)
      • getEndLocation

        public org.locationtech.jts.geom.Point getEndLocation()
      • setEndLocation

        public void setEndLocation​(org.locationtech.jts.geom.Point endLocation)