Class TripStatusBean

    • Constructor Detail

      • TripStatusBean

        public TripStatusBean()
    • Method Detail

      • getActiveTrip

        public TripBean getActiveTrip()
      • setActiveTrip

        public void setActiveTrip​(TripBean activeTrip)
      • getBlockTripSequence

        public int getBlockTripSequence()
      • setBlockTripSequence

        public void setBlockTripSequence​(int blockTripSequence)
      • getServiceDate

        public long getServiceDate()
      • setServiceDate

        public void setServiceDate​(long serviceDate)
      • getOccupancyStatus

        public String getOccupancyStatus()
      • setOccupancyStatus

        public void setOccupancyStatus​(OccupancyStatus occupancyStatus)
      • setFrequency

        public void setFrequency​(FrequencyBean frequency)
      • getScheduledDistanceAlongTrip

        public double getScheduledDistanceAlongTrip()
        The vehicle's scheduled distance along the trip.
        distance, in meters
      • setScheduledDistanceAlongTrip

        public void setScheduledDistanceAlongTrip​(double scheduledDistanceAlongTrip)
      • getTotalDistanceAlongTrip

        public double getTotalDistanceAlongTrip()
      • setTotalDistanceAlongTrip

        public void setTotalDistanceAlongTrip​(double totalDistanceAlongTrip)
      • getPhase

        public String getPhase()
      • setPhase

        public void setPhase​(String phase)
      • getStatus

        public String getStatus()
      • setStatus

        public void setStatus​(String status)
      • getVehicleType

        public String getVehicleType()
      • setVehicleType

        public void setVehicleType​(String vehicleType)
      • isDistanceAlongTripSet

        public boolean isDistanceAlongTripSet()
        true if getDistanceAlongTrip() has been set
      • setDistanceAlongTrip

        public void setDistanceAlongTrip​(double distanceAlongTrip)
        See description in getDistanceAlongTrip().
        distanceAlongTrip -
      • getDistanceAlongTrip

        public double getDistanceAlongTrip()
        The vehicle's distance along the trip.
        distance, in meters
      • isOrientationSet

        public boolean isOrientationSet()
      • getOrientation

        public double getOrientation()
        In degrees, 0º is East, 90º is North, 180º is West, and 270º is South
      • setOrientation

        public void setOrientation​(double orientation)
      • getClosestStop

        public StopBean getClosestStop()
      • setClosestStop

        public void setClosestStop​(StopBean closestStop)
      • getClosestStopTimeOffset

        public int getClosestStopTimeOffset()
        The time offset, in seconds, from the closest stop to the current position of the transit vehicle among the stop times of the current trip. If the number is positive, the stop is coming up. If negative, the stop has already been passed.
        time, in seconds
      • setClosestStopTimeOffset

        public void setClosestStopTimeOffset​(int closestStopTimeOffset)
        See description in getClosestStopTimeOffset().
        closestStopTimeOffset - the time offset from the closest stop, in seconds
      • getNextStop

        public StopBean getNextStop()
      • setNextStop

        public void setNextStop​(StopBean nextStop)
      • getNextStopTimeOffset

        public int getNextStopTimeOffset()
        The time offset, in seconds, from the next stop to the current position of the transit vehicle according to the schedule.
        time, in seconds
      • setNextStopTimeOffset

        public void setNextStopTimeOffset​(int nextStopTimeOffset)
      • getNextStopDistanceFromVehicle

        public double getNextStopDistanceFromVehicle()
      • setNextStopDistanceFromVehicle

        public void setNextStopDistanceFromVehicle​(double d)
      • getPreviousStop

        public StopBean getPreviousStop()
      • setPreviousStop

        public void setPreviousStop​(StopBean previousStop)
      • getPreviousStopTimeOffset

        public int getPreviousStopTimeOffset()
      • setPreviousStopTimeOffset

        public void setPreviousStopTimeOffset​(int previousStopTimeOffset)
      • getPreviousStopDistanceFromVehicle

        public double getPreviousStopDistanceFromVehicle()
      • setPreviousStopDistanceFromVehicle

        public void setPreviousStopDistanceFromVehicle​(double previousStopDistanceFromVehicle)
      • isPredicted

        public boolean isPredicted()
        true if there is an real-time data for this trip, whether prediction or location
      • setPredicted

        public void setPredicted​(boolean predicted)
      • setLastUpdateTime

        public void setLastUpdateTime​(long time)
      • getLastUpdateTime

        public long getLastUpdateTime()
        the time we last heard from the bus (Unix-time)
      • getLastLocationUpdateTime

        public long getLastLocationUpdateTime()
        the time we last received a location update from the bus (Unix-time)
      • setLastLocationUpdateTime

        public void setLastLocationUpdateTime​(long lastLocationUpdateTime)
      • isLastKnownDistanceAlongTripSet

        public boolean isLastKnownDistanceAlongTripSet()
      • getLastKnownDistanceAlongTrip

        public double getLastKnownDistanceAlongTrip()
      • setLastKnownDistanceAlongTrip

        public void setLastKnownDistanceAlongTrip​(double lastKnownDistanceAlongTrip)
      • setLastKnownLocation

        public void setLastKnownLocation​(CoordinatePoint lastKnownLocation)
      • isLastKnownOrientationSet

        public boolean isLastKnownOrientationSet()
      • getLastKnownOrientation

        public double getLastKnownOrientation()
      • setLastKnownOrientation

        public void setLastKnownOrientation​(double lastKnownOrientation)
      • isScheduleDeviationSet

        public boolean isScheduleDeviationSet()
      • getScheduleDeviation

        public double getScheduleDeviation()
      • setScheduleDeviation

        public void setScheduleDeviation​(double scheduleDeviation)
      • getVehicleId

        public String getVehicleId()
      • setVehicleId

        public void setVehicleId​(String vehicleId)