Class SituationAffectsBean

    • Constructor Detail

      • SituationAffectsBean

        public SituationAffectsBean()
    • Method Detail

      • getAgencyId

        public String getAgencyId()
      • setAgencyId

        public void setAgencyId​(String agencyId)
      • getRouteId

        public String getRouteId()
      • setRouteId

        public void setRouteId​(String routeId)
      • getDirectionId

        public String getDirectionId()
      • setDirectionId

        public void setDirectionId​(String directionId)
      • getTripId

        public String getTripId()
      • setTripId

        public void setTripId​(String tripId)
      • getStopId

        public String getStopId()
      • setStopId

        public void setStopId​(String stopId)
      • getApplicationId

        public String getApplicationId()
      • setApplicationId

        public void setApplicationId​(String applicationId)
      • setAgencyPartRouteId

        public void setAgencyPartRouteId​(String agencyPartRouteId)
      • setRoutePartRouteId

        public void setRoutePartRouteId​(String routePartRouteId)
      • getAgencyPartRouteId

        public String getAgencyPartRouteId()
      • getRoutePartRouteId

        public String getRoutePartRouteId()
      • setAgencyPartStopId

        public void setAgencyPartStopId​(String agencyPartStopId)
      • setStopPartStopId

        public void setStopPartStopId​(String stopPartStopId)
      • getAgencyPartStopId

        public String getAgencyPartStopId()
      • getStopPartStopId

        public String getStopPartStopId()
      • combineIds

        public void combineIds()
        Checks partial id fields and combines them to make an AgencyAndId that will go to the routeId and/or stopId field