Class GtfsRealtimeConversionLibrary

  • public class GtfsRealtimeConversionLibrary
    extends Object
    Methods for converting GTFS-RT to models for serialization
    • Constructor Detail

      • GtfsRealtimeConversionLibrary

        public GtfsRealtimeConversionLibrary()
    • Method Detail

      • readTripUpdates

        public static List<TripUpdateModel> readTripUpdates​( tripUpdates)
      • readVehiclePositions

        public static List<VehiclePositionModel> readVehiclePositions​( vehiclePositions)
      • readAlerts

        public static List<AlertModel> readAlerts​( alerts)
      • parseDate

        public static Date parseDate​(String startDate,
                                     String startTime)
        Combine startDate and startTime into a single combined Date.
        startDate - a String with format of "YYYYMMDD"
        startTime - a String with format of "HH:MM:SS"
        a Date representing the combined date and time