Class AgencyList

  • public class AgencyList
    extends Object
    This class contains utility methods for dealing with lists of agencies for a particular data bundle. These are used by the Transit Data Bundle Utility in building a bundle.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AgencyList

        public AgencyList​(FileService fileService)
    • Method Detail

      • updateAgencyList

        public org.json.simple.JSONArray updateAgencyList​(DirectoryStatus directoryStatus,
                                                          String directoryName)
        This method will create an agencyList JSON array based on the directories and files currently in this bundle directory. That list will then be updated based on any additional information in the bundleInfo data from the file info.json.
        directoryStatus - contains info about the bundle build process
        directoryName - name of the directory for this bundle
        the updated agency list