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Method: trips-for-route

Search for active trips for a specific route.

Sample Response

  <data class="listWithReferences">

Request Parameters

  • id - the id of the route, encoded directly in the URL:
    •[ID GOES HERE].xml
  • includeStatus - Can be true/false to determine whether full <tripStatus/> elements with full real-time information are included in the <status/> section for each <tripDetails/> element. Defaults to false.
  • includeSchedule - Can be true/false to determine whether full <schedule/> elements are included in the <tripDetails/> element. Defaults to false.
  • time - by default, the method returns the status of the system right now. However, the system can also be queried at a specific time. This can be useful for testing. See timestamps for details on the format of the time parameter.


The response is a list of <tripDetails/> element that captures extended details about each active trip. The set of active trips includes any trip that serves that specified route that is currently active.