Class VerticalMultiColumnPanel

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by org.onebusaway.webapp.gwt.common.widgets.VerticalMultiColumnPanel
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public class VerticalMultiColumnPanel

This class manages a HorizontalPanel that contains VerticalPanels. Thus, it is like a VerticalPanel but with more than one column. You specify the number of widgets allowed per column (VerticalPanel) and it will create as many columns as needed.

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Constructor Summary
VerticalMultiColumnPanel(int maxWidgetsPerColumn)
Method Summary
 void insert( w, int beforeIndex)
          Add widget to the panel.
 void remove( w)
          Remove a widget.
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Constructor Detail


public VerticalMultiColumnPanel(int maxWidgetsPerColumn)
Method Detail


public void insert( w,
                   int beforeIndex)
Add widget to the panel.


public void remove( w)
Remove a widget. Currently does not rebalance columns.

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