Class CheckBoxListWidget

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by org.onebusaway.webapp.gwt.common.widgets.CheckBoxListWidget
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public class CheckBoxListWidget

This Widget displays a list of items, each with a checkbox next to it in order to allow the user to deselect ("delete") items. Also, items in the list can be given a disabled styling. A given ID is automatically de-duped so it cannot appear more than once. NOTE: The user should define CSS for the following style classes: CheckBoxListWidget CheckBoxListWidgetItem CheckBoxListWidgetItemDisabled (required to support disabled items)

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Constructor Summary
CheckBoxListWidget(Comparator<String> sorter, int maxColumnSize)
          Construct with specifier sorter (may be null)
Method Summary addClickHandler( handler)
          So that you can add handlers that do additional action after someone has clicked a checkbox.
 void addItem(String label, String id)
          Add an item to the list
 Collection<String> getAllIds()
          Get all IDs regardless of state.
 List<String> getIds()
          Returns checked, enabled IDs
 List<String> getNonDeletedIds()
          Returns checked (enabled and disabled) IDs
 void setDeleted(String id, boolean deleted)
 void setEnabled(String id, boolean enabled)
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Constructor Detail


public CheckBoxListWidget(Comparator<String> sorter,
                          int maxColumnSize)
Construct with specifier sorter (may be null)

Method Detail


public addClickHandler( handler)
So that you can add handlers that do additional action after someone has clicked a checkbox.

Specified by:
addClickHandler in interface


public void addItem(String label,
                    String id)
Add an item to the list


public List<String> getIds()
Returns checked, enabled IDs


public List<String> getNonDeletedIds()
Returns checked (enabled and disabled) IDs


public Collection<String> getAllIds()
Get all IDs regardless of state.


public void setEnabled(String id,
                       boolean enabled)


public void setDeleted(String id,
                       boolean deleted)

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