Class EntryIdAndCallback<K,T>

  extended by<K,T>
Type Parameters:
K - the id type
T - the callback result type

public class EntryIdAndCallback<K,T>
extends Object

A sort of delayed-binding mechanism to help with serializing large, highly connected graphs of Java objects where you usually get a stack-depth exception when the default DFS Java serialization mechanism does its thing. This support class is to help where you replace your object references with id references in a custom object serialization routine. Then you also have a callback that repopulates the actual object reference upon deserialization.

See Also:
TransitGraphImpl, WalkPlannerGraphImpl

Constructor Summary
EntryIdAndCallback(K id, EntryCallback<T> callback)
Method Summary
 EntryCallback<T> getCallback()
 K getId()
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Constructor Detail


public EntryIdAndCallback(K id,
                          EntryCallback<T> callback)
Method Detail


public K getId()


public EntryCallback<T> getCallback()

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