Class BlockSequenceIndex

  extended by
      extended by

public class BlockSequenceIndex
extends AbstractBlockSequenceIndex

A BlockSequenceIndex is an ordered collection of block sequences, where each block sequence visits the same sequence of stops and the arrival-departure times for each stop increase between each block. All blocks are guaranteed to have the same ServiceIdActivation. This ordered index allows for fast look-up and search operations within the various blocks that make up the index. Note that the sequence of stops is typically not the ENTIRE sequence of stops for each block, but instead usually a subset. Typically, a block is broken up into pieces when the block changes direction of travel or has an extended layover. See BlockIndexFactoryService for more details.

See Also:
BlockSequence, BlockIndexFactoryService, BlockStopSequenceIndex, BlockIndexService

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
_privateService, _sequences, _serviceIds
Constructor Summary
BlockSequenceIndex(List<BlockSequence> sequences, ServiceIntervalBlock serviceIntervalBlock, boolean privateService)
Method Summary
 ServiceIntervalBlock getServiceIntervalBlock()
 String toString()
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getSequences, getServiceIds, isPrivateService, size
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Constructor Detail


public BlockSequenceIndex(List<BlockSequence> sequences,
                          ServiceIntervalBlock serviceIntervalBlock,
                          boolean privateService)
Method Detail


public ServiceIntervalBlock getServiceIntervalBlock()


public String toString()
toString in class Object

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