Class BlockLayoverIndex

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public class BlockLayoverIndex
extends AbstractBlockTripIndex

An ordered index over layover intervals of BlockTripEntry elements. A layover is a portion of a block where we have determined that a vehicle will be sitting, out of operation, between trips. Note that our definition of a layover doesn't include portions of a trip where there is a pause between the arrival and departure of a vehicle from a stop. Instead, we focus on layovers where the passengers typically aren't allowed to stay on the bus, such as a layover at the route terminus. The start and end times for each layover internal are captured in a LayoverIntervalBlock. The BlockTripEntry trips associated with the layover are kept as well. Each BlockTripEntry in the index will have the same ServiceIdActivation.

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Constructor Summary
BlockLayoverIndex(List<BlockTripEntry> trips, LayoverIntervalBlock layoverIntervalBlock)
          See the requirements in the class documentation.
Method Summary
 LayoverIntervalBlock getLayoverIntervalBlock()
 String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public BlockLayoverIndex(List<BlockTripEntry> trips,
                         LayoverIntervalBlock layoverIntervalBlock)
See the requirements in the class documentation.

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public LayoverIntervalBlock getLayoverIntervalBlock()


public String toString()
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