Package org.onebusaway.transit_data_federation.bundle.tasks

Class Summary
CalendarServiceDataTask Pre-computes the CalendarServiceData that is needed to power a CalendarServiceImpl and serializes it to disk as part of the transit data bundle.
EntityReplacementStrategyFactory Factory for constructing EntityReplacementStrategy instances from file data.
EntityReplacementStrategyImpl EntityReplacementStrategy implementation that is used to map entity ids for a particular type.
GenerateNarrativesTask Precomputes all the link narrative objects that will power NarrativeService and powered by a link NarrativeProviderImpl and NarrativeServiceImpl
GenerateRouteCollectionSearchIndexTask Generate the underlying Lucene search index for route collection searches that will power RouteCollectionSearchServiceImpl and RouteCollectionSearchService.
GenerateStopSearchIndexTask Generate the underlying Lucene search index for stop searches that will power StopSearchServiceImpl and StopSearchService.
GtfsMultiReaderImpl Supports reading from multiple GtfsReader instances sequentially with respect to GTFS entity classes.
GtfsReadingSupport Convenience methods for reading multiple gtfs feeds, as defined by a GtfsBundles entry in an ApplicationContext, into a common data store, with addition of EntityReplacementStrategy.
PreCacheTask Given an instantiated and running instance of a federated transit data bundle, we pre-cache a number of expensive data operations so that the cache will be hot for eventual deployment.

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