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Uses of UrlBuilder in org.onebusaway.presentation.client

Methods in org.onebusaway.presentation.client that return UrlBuilder
static UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.createFromLocation()
 UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.removeParameter(String name)
          Remove a query parameter from the map.
 UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.setHash(String hash)
          Set the hash portion of the location (ex.
 UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.setHost(String host)
          Set the host portion of the location (ex.
 UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.setParameter(String key, String... values)
           Set a query parameter to a list of values.
 UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.setPath(String path)
          Set the path portion of the location (ex.
 UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.setPort(int port)
          Set the port to connect to.
 UrlBuilder UrlBuilder.setProtocol(String protocol)
          Set the protocol portion of the location (ex.

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