Package org.onebusaway.federations

Interface Summary
FederatedService A FederatedService is one that can be federated, or split, across a geographic area.
FederatedServiceCollection A collection of FederatedService instances.
FederatedServiceRegistry Provides a registry for adding, removing, and querying service class names and their provider locations.

Class Summary
FederatedServiceFactoryBean A Spring FactoryBean for creating a proxied service interface that virtually dispatches to a set of FederatedService instances, as contained by a FederatedServiceCollection.
FederatedServiceRegistration Periodically publishes service registration information to a FederatedServiceRegistry on a fixed interval.
FederatedServiceRegistryConstants Common FederatedServiceRegistry constants that are typically used to control service registry entry behavior when passed as parameters to FederatedServiceRegistry.addService(String, String, java.util.Map) and FederatedServiceRegistry.getServices(String, java.util.Map)
FederatedServiceRegistryEntry Information about a FederatedServiceRegistry entry.

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