Annotation Type Cacheable

public @interface Cacheable

A method annotation that indicates that the results method are cacheable, using the arguments to the method as the cache key. Method calls are intercepted using an Aspect-oriented interceptor, as implemented in CacheableAnnotationInterceptor. The bulk of the caching mechanism is provided by CacheableMethodManager, which handles the actual task of generating a cache key for a particular method call, determining if a cached results exists, and generating a fresh result as needed by completing the underlying method call. EhCache is used as the default caching mechanism. Unless otherwise specified with #name(), each method cache name takes the form of "package.SomeClass.methodName". Use standard EhCache configuration to provide specific cache behavior for a particular cached method call. The keyFactory() method allows an extension mechanism to define a CacheableMethodKeyFactory that determines how the arguments to a particular method will be used to generate a cache key. By default, the DefaultCacheableKeyFactory factory is used, which simply uses DefaultCacheableObjectKeyFactory factories to generate a key for each argument, unless otherwise specified with a CacheableKey annotation.

See Also:
CacheableAnnotationInterceptor, CacheableMethodKeyFactory, CacheableMethodManager

Optional Element Summary
 boolean isValueSerializable
 Class<? extends CacheableMethodKeyFactory> keyFactory


public abstract Class<? extends CacheableMethodKeyFactory> keyFactory
a factory class for creating cache keys from method arguments


public abstract boolean isValueSerializable

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