Release Notes


  • Make onebusaway-quickstart part of the main onebusaway-application-modules module set.
  • Add a ui-only webapp artifact to onebusaway-combined-webapp.
  • Tweak support for GTFS-realtime, including support for new OBA-specific delay field.
  • Initial support for fixed-schedule trips with a headway-in-name-only frequency label, as indicated by frequencies.txt label_only feature proposal.
  • Fix to make crossdomain action work whether its being called by the Struts Convention plugin OR the Rest2 plugin.
  • Migrate to GitHub.
  • Full Documentation:


  • More flexible trip matching in GTFS-realtime support
  • Support for running transit data bundle building as a startup phase of webapps
  • Expand onebusaway-combined-webapp to include SMS and phone support
  • Expand onebusaway-combined-webapp to generate an additional API-only webapp artifact
  • Move SMS actions into /sms namespace for onebusaway-sms-webapp
  • Make SMS abbreviations optional in onebusaway-sms-webapp
  • Additional documentation
  • Full Documentation:



  • Initial release