Package org.onebusaway.transit_data_federation.model

Class Summary
ProjectedPoint Simple point class that keeps both the global lat-lon representation and the projected x-y representation for faster distance calculations.
SearchResult<T> A search results captures a list of results along with the scores for each result.
ServiceDateAndId Combines an AgencyAndId id with a service date.
ShapePoints A more memory efficient data structure for capturing a sequence of ShapePoint objects
StopSequence A stop sequence is a unique sequence of stops visited by a transit trip.
StopSequenceCollection A stop sequence collection contains a list of StopSequence sequences that are headed in the same direction for a particular RouteCollectionEntry, along with a general description of the destinations for those stop sequences and general start and stop locations for the sequences.
StopSequenceCollectionKey Uniquely identifies a StopSequenceCollection
TargetTime Typically, when it comes to real-time information, you want to query the system right now.

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