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Method: arrivals-and-departures-for-stop

Get current arrivals and departures for a stop identified by id

Sample Response

  <data class="listWithReferences">
    <entry class="stopWithArrivalsAndDepartures">

Request Parameters

  • id - the stop id, encoded directly in the url:
    •[ID GOES HERE].xml
  • minutesBefore=n - include vehicles having arrived or departed in the previous n minutes (default=5)
  • minutesAfter=n - include vehicles arriving or departing in the next n minutes (default=35)
  • time=n - the time for which the schedule will be generated, as either ms since the unix epoch or of the form YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS (note this doesnt currently deal well with timezones). The default query time is NOW.


The response is primarily composed of <arrivalAndDeparture/> elements, so see the element documentation for specific details.

The nearby stop list is designed to capture stops that are very close by (like across the street) for quick navigation.